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Selecting the right web hosting provider is a critical decision for individuals and businesses aiming for a strong online presence. ScalaHosting, founded in 2007, has emerged as a notable player in the web hosting industry, known for its innovative solutions and customer-centric approach. In this comprehensive ScalaHosting review, we will explore various aspects of this hosting provider, including its features, performance, security measures, pricing structures, customer support, and more. By the end of this review, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of whether ScalaHosting is the optimal hosting solution for your website.

Price:From $2.95/month
Uptime guarantee:99.9%
Hosting types:Shared, WordPress, Managed VPS, and Email hosting
Server locations:Hawthorne, New York; Sofia, Bulgaria; Bangalore, India; London, England; Frankfurt, Germany; Singapore; Amsterdam, Netherlands; San Francisco, California, and Toronto, Canada.
24/7 live support:Yes

Scalahosting Overview:

ScalaHosting has positioned itself as a hosting provider focused on innovation, aiming to provide high-performance and user-friendly hosting solutions. Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, ScalaHosting serves a global customer base, offering a range of hosting services, including shared hosting, managed VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting. Notably, ScalaHosting is known for its unique SPanel control panel and the SShield security suite, distinguishing it from traditional hosting providers.


Website performance is a critical consideration when evaluating a web hosting provider, and ScalaHosting places a strong emphasis on delivering top-notch performance. ScalaHosting operates its data centers, strategically located in Dallas, Texas, and Sofia, Bulgaria, equipped with modern hardware and a robust network infrastructure to ensure optimal server performance and uptime.

ScalaHosting adopts a unique approach with its managed VPS hosting, providing customers with a virtual private server environment while handling server management tasks on their behalf. The use of high-speed SSD storage contributes to faster website loading times and improved overall performance.

SPanel, ScalaHosting’s proprietary control panel, is designed to simplify website management tasks for users. Additionally, ScalaHosting offers a website builder and the Softaculous script installer, making it easier for users to create and manage their websites.


Security is a top priority in the digital landscape, and ScalaHosting integrates robust measures to safeguard websites hosted on their platform. One of the standout features is the SShield security suite, which provides real-time server monitoring and threat detection. SShield aims to proactively identify and neutralize potential security threats, enhancing the overall security posture of hosted websites.

ScalaHosting includes free daily backups with all hosting plans, allowing users to restore their websites in case of data loss or security incidents. The SPanel control panel also features an integrated firewall to enhance the security of hosted websites.

In addition to these security measures, ScalaHosting offers free SSL certificates with all hosting plans, ensuring that data transmitted between websites and visitors is encrypted and secure. This commitment to security contributes to a safe hosting environment for users.

Customer Support:

ScalaHosting provides customer support 24/7 through various channels, including live chat, phone, and a ticket-based system. Their support team is known for its responsiveness and expertise, assisting users with technical issues, account management, and other hosting-related concerns.

ScalaHosting maintains an extensive knowledge base with tutorials and guides, empowering users to troubleshoot common issues independently. Additionally, they offer video tutorials on their YouTube channel, providing visual guidance for various hosting tasks.

The inclusion of a community forum allows users to engage with each other, share insights, and seek assistance from fellow ScalaHosting customers. The combination of personalized support, a knowledge base, and an active community forum enhances the overall customer support experience.


ScalaHosting offers competitive pricing with a variety of hosting plans designed to meet different needs. They provide shared hosting, managed VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting services, catering to both individuals and businesses.

The managed VPS hosting plans are a distinctive offering, combining the benefits of a virtual private server with the convenience of managed services. While ScalaHosting’s pricing is competitive, it’s important to note that the managed VPS hosting plans may have higher starting costs compared to traditional shared hosting.

ScalaHosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try their hosting services risk-free. Additionally, they have a price match guarantee, ensuring that customers receive competitive pricing for comparable hosting services.

Pros and Cons:


  1. Innovative SPanel control panel and SShield security suite.
  2. High-performance hosting with SSD storage and strategic data center locations.
  3. Managed VPS hosting for a balance of performance and convenience.
  4. Proactive security measures, including real-time threat detection.
  5. 24/7 customer support with live chat, phone, and ticket-based options.


  1. The SPanel control panel may have a learning curve for users accustomed to traditional control panels.
  2. Some users may find the pricing for managed VPS hosting plans relatively higher.
  3. Limited data center locations compared to some larger hosting providers.

In conclusion, ScalaHosting stands out as an innovative and customer-centric web hosting provider, offering high-performance hosting solutions with a focus on security. The unique features, including the SPanel control panel and SShield security suite, set ScalaHosting apart in the competitive hosting landscape. While there may be a learning curve for users transitioning to the SPanel control panel, the benefits of enhanced security, managed VPS hosting, and responsive customer support make ScalaHosting a compelling choice for individuals and businesses seeking a reliable and innovative hosting partner.